Lasvit at Dubai Downtown Design

Booth No. C13 from 8-11 November 2023

Lasvit Shines Bright at Dubai Downtown Design with "Celestial Blooms"

Lasvit, the internationally acclaimed design house specialized in glass and light, is set to present a curated installation at the much-anticipated Dubai Downtown Design fair. Aptly titled "Celestial Blooms," the booth will be a curated experience presenting Lasvit’s unique lighting collections, selection of its iconic modular systems and fresh design concepts. All pieces explore the wonders and parallels between the cosmos and nature, reminding us of the harmonious ties that bind every entity in the universe. Visit Lasvit team at Booth No. C13 from 8-11 November 2023.



Design Highlights


by David Rockwell

Constellation collection was developed in collaboration with the award-winning architect David Rockwell. Each piece of the Constellation series is named after a recognizable constellation and incorporates glass-domed light points connected by a elegant metal structure, just like a star chart. The Constellation series consists of six designs representing Ursa Minor, Cassiopeia, Tri Star, and Polaris, and Gemini.


by Martin Gallo

Designed by Martin Gallo, Lasvit’s experienced designed based in Dubai, "Florescence" is not just a wall installation; it's a living entity that mimics a flower in full bloom. This masterful design converges organic glass shapes with mesmerizing dynamic caustic effects, giving life to a flower that seemingly grows on the wall. Beyond the aesthetic, Gallo's inspiration stems from the power of flowers to boost human happiness through the release of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. His design invites observers to witness a tangible blossoming of joy.


Lukas Novak

With "Spacey," Lukáš Novák encapsulates cosmic magnificence, bringing the universe's splendor into our living spaces. Embracing the sphere's universal perfection, Novák pushes its boundaries, crafting a collection that captivates and fascinates. The historic "lithyalin" technique breathes life into "Spacey," echoing the allure of gemstones.

Lasvit Icon


A poetic homage to the verdant Earth, "Herbarium" captures the quintessence of nature. Employing an innovative glassmaking technique, the design embeds the essence of flora within glass, letting nature's serenity resonate in every corner of one’s space. The masterpiece offers an opportunity to eternalize one’s family tree in exquisite glass, blending heritage with artistry.

Lasvit Icon


Icon by Jana Růžičková and Yabu Pushelberg: Envisioning the vibrancy of a summer night, "Midsummer Icon" is a testament to the fusion of warmth and brilliance. This intricate assembly of metal and glass embodies the delicate dance of nature's hues and forms. A union of warm and cold, light and shadow, "Midsummer" is a dazzling jewel for any dwelling. Comprised of three modular “rings,” this piece offers customization to fit every interior. From warm hues of rose, gold, and silver to the cool allure of clear bubbles and smoke, Midsummer ICON is an epitome of design flexibility and grandeur.