The Dome of Light

The Dome of Light

Come and step into the light. The glass copula planted with shining glass pieces lead the light inside the Conrad hotel and bath the lobby in sunshine. Decorative rings seem to freely drop from the center of the copula, but never overshadow the attractive effect of the glass dome above.


Indian Summer

The installation is integrated into the ceiling in the form of an art dome. The sculpture symbolizes traditional Indian bracelets.

The story behind the light


Ornamental Motives

The design is inspired by the Indian jewelry. It’s a combination of traditional Indian patterns, executed in highly ornamental materials and techniques,” says the designer Tana Dvorakova.



The installation is composed of many different details, from fine cut crystal beads to matt and engraved glass, including flat fused glass.


The Dome of Light

The installation transforms the lobby of the Conrad Hotel to the Dome of Light. Decorative rings seem to freely drop from the center of the sculpture and crown the hall with this shining tiara.

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Táňa Dvořáková

I take my inspiration primarily from nature and the world of the Orient, and my work shows characteristics of jewelry-like decors.