Princess Cut

Princess Cut

The Dhamani Jewellery is among the most respected and visited jewelers in Dubai. The family came from Jaipur and brought along their sense of style and luxury that resonated with Dubai clients, as well as the strong business ethic that has kept the company prosperous since 1969.

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Precious Drops

The family dining area opens to the multi-level lighting sculpture Precious Drops by Jana Růžičková. The designer took her inspiration from precious metals used in jewelry, namely in their melted liquid state.

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Bejeweled Queen and Bejeweled Princess

Two bespoke installations designed by Lasvit internal designer Katarína Kudějová-Fulínová adorn the main entrance. Titled Bejeweled Queen and Bejeweled Princess, the sculptures are inspired by the Dhamani Jewelry, as well as patterns corresponding to other décor in the interiors.

The story behind the light

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We aim to capture the essence of our clients’ personalities and their lifestyles, imprinting their ideas and desires upon the resulting sculpture.

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When choosing lighting for their new residence, the Dhamanis required a superb level of craftsmanship and creative approach that corresponded with their own sense for workmanship and vision.

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The overall look and feel of the particular space largely defines our choices of size, shape and color.

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Jana Růžičková

I have always liked the simplicity of minimalism and this style is reflected in my designs. Glass is a magical material and a great medium to work with – always challenging, but always bringing new experiences.


Katarína Kudějová Fulínová

I search for inspiration in nature and its morphology. My work has an abstract form which opens space for imagination, and functions as a window into our interior, into our subcounscious.