Shining Happiness

Shining Happiness

Step into the Icon Siam shopping mall and coddle yourself in happiness. With its delicate lighting installation, LASVIT brings beauty into the everyday, run-of-the-mill life of the mall’s many customers. Allow the beauty of light to stop you in your tracks.



The garland of glass flowers is inspired by the The Phuang Malai, which is an integral part of everyday life in Thailand. It offers people vivid colours, beautiful flowers and a sense of tradition, all while keeping up the festive feeling.


Lily Pad Forest

Just as the lily pads cover the surface of a lake and create a field of flowers, changing the sombre waters into a romantic meadow, this LASVIT glass installation brings a floral feeling right inside the mall.

The story behind the light


Creating Joy

“When looking for something that represents Thais the best, I realised that their hospitality is what really makes them stand out from everyone else. The installation Joy contains flowers in an arrangement which is typical for the Thai culture, while it also evokes the idea of offerings that is so central to their lives,“ says the designer.



“I spent a long time studying the craft, materials and types of flowers used in this art form very closely. I decided to use Jasmin blossom and Rak flower, as I found them to be the most interesting part of Thai garlands,“ adds Junová. The components are hand-blown in clear and amber colour.



There is dynamic lighting in the glass components, so the light can travel throughout the entire installation.


Small Light Source, Big Light

LASVIT has implemented LED chips that can be incorporated within the components, as they are small enough to be almost invisible, but powerful enough to light up the piece immensely.



When you step into the Icon Siam shopping mall, light will illuminate your path. The installation is magnificent in size, but still remains fragile, light and airy. Allow its beauty to stop you in your tracks, brighten up your day, and bring you a breath of inspiration.

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Stefan Mihailovič

"Being inspired by both the macro and micro forms of nature, my aim is to create work that emanates new dimensions, guiding viewers through immersive experiences and evoking strong emotions."


Petra Junová

I enjoy watching strange, unusual, natural, and physical phenomena. And I love working them into my designs.