Imagine a fairy tale world under water…

Imagine a fairy tale world under water…

They say that fairy tales can happen in real life, as they are stories about places which used to be real. The Marriot Ocean Park is a place which tells the story about a world under water, about the animals living there among humans, and about the magical atmosphere it brings. But the Marriot Ocean Park is no mere fairy tale – it’s real right now! Dive in and make friends again with your childhood imagination.


…and swim in a school of glass fish

The whole interior is like an “ocean park” which LASVIT enhanced with fragile, playful glass fishes. A school of fish swims from room to room in an eye-catching dance. Six small groups are formed above the tables in the ballroom, while a giant swirl of glass veers in the pre-function area.

The story behind the light



“The concept is based upon the behavior of fish. Schooling fishes swim close together, form a very tight formation and move in a very synchronized manner to perform complicated maneuvers,” the designer says.



The glass fishes are made of hand-blown Bohemian crystal glass with a slight gradient towards the opaque. Each piece has a linear-cut décor, and each component also has an internal LED source.


Playing with light

Six smaller formations of fish in the ballroom are enhanced for dynamic lighting. Light can travel through the installation from one side to another.


To step into the world of imagination

Behind the front door of the Marriot Ocean Park lies another world. Dive in with the magical crystal fish while your feet stay planted on the ground. Remember dreaming about the world under water? You don’t have to merely dream anymore. Dive in!

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Michaela Mertlová

The main sources for my playful, delicate and dreamy installations are nature, stories and genius loci. I experiment with various materials, and draw from the tradition of glass craft and modern technology.