Crack the Cipher

Crack the Cipher

Every place has a story to tell. Yet some of them are not meant to be visible at first glance. That was exactly the case of the world’s super boutique hotel – The Londoner. Come in and see LASVIT’s iconic collection Cipher glow in wholly new constellations that bring each of the hotel’s spaces to life! Can you read the hidden message?


London calling!

The Londoner super-boutique hotel has opened in the iconic Leicester Square located right in the heart of the UK capital’s much-loved entertainment district. It was designed by the internationally renowned duo Yabu Pushelberg who teamed up with LASVIT to create an emotional landscape which lifts everyone who steps inside.

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Crack the Cipher

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Linear form creates visual poetry

Spanning four storeys, a customized version of the Cipher chandelier adorns the principal staircase, forming the hotel’s backbone. It leads the guests from the ground floor to the event spaces below-ground and thus shapes the visual and physical continuity of the space.

018_Lasvit_The Londoner_London_17UK137_Photo_2021_low.jpg

A dash of inspiration and exciting mystery

“We wanted The Londoner’s Cipher installations to evoke positive emotions in their visitors, to uplift them. Along with Yabu Pushelberg, we wanted to shape beautiful spaces – light creates space and space creates emotion. And we did a great job,” says Leon Jakimič, LASVIT’s owner and president.

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Do it the horizontal way

A subtle theatrical dialogue is staged in the green room which doubles as a private lounge. Here, a cluster of horizontal Cipher chandeliers shines bright right above the bar desk inlaid in green marble mosaic. The softly shadowed light enhances the place’s intimate atmosphere.

005_Lasvit_The Londoner_London_17UK137_Photo_2021_low.jpg

When function and aesthetics combine into one

Cipher chandeliers delicately illuminate the lower floor, accommodating guests in the ballroom lounge as well as visitors of the gallery located one floor below. Another Cipher chandelier, this time in the form of a star, also welcomes the guests to the hotel spa. The Cipher collection is indeed a highly flexible piece, since its patterning, composition and rhythm can be customized to accommodate every need.


Meet the whole family

Apart from pendants, the Cipher product family also contains two types of table lamps, a floor lamp and even a vertical wall sconce. These adorn the hotel lobby and reception space on the ground floor, among others. As the number of combinations is almost limitless, the Cipher collection gives everyone a unique opportunity to “write” their own design statement in glass. Are you ready to cipher-ize your space?

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Yabu Pushelberg

We want to celebrate the inherent beauty of cut crystal and the versatility of its textures. We look for ways to create different qualities of light.