Shape of sound

Shape of sound

Walking through the spaces of the brand new W Dubai – The Palm hotel is a bit of a game, one where you look for the hidden design cues. The spirit of W is imbued into the hotel’s very DNA, including the shape of sound which had inspired the new lighting installation called The Soundwave.


To see sound in pieces of glass

The witty design of The Soundwave wasn’t inspired by the shape of the letter “W” but, rather sophisticatedly, by its sound. “The shape is derived from the layout of the graphic record created by pronouncing the consonant W,“ says LASVIT in-house designer Ludmila Žilková, revealing the story behind her design.

The story behind the light



The 30-meter long construction consists of 1213 glass pieces. Each piece has its own precisely stated place and meaning. “The components represent the single points of sound,“ adds the designer.



There is a whole rainbow in the millions of color combinations. Half of the components can shine in myriad colors thanks to the special DMX chip. The Soundwave can “dance” according to a pre-programmed choreography, or change its colors and intensities.


Challenging Construction

The complex structure which the glass components hang from was developed and created by design engineers. It had to look like the thin outline of the “W” sound wave, which is drawn on the ceiling, but must still be able to cover all the cables and all the technological components necessary for the installation’s proper functioning.



The construction bears around 6,5 tones of hanging glass and metal that spans a full ten meters of the ceiling.



The W Dubai – The Palm hotel wanted to reinvent luxury in an inspiring and innovative way. Born out of the irreverent, insatiable and infectious spirit of New York City, the W brand sees the world through the lens of limitless possibilities. The Soundwave reflects this mantra – Almost everything is possible.

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