The Leaves of Life

The Leaves of Life

The golden leaves appear in forests when the trees are filled with life. The installation inspired by these golden leaves in turn fills the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria Chengdu with amazement at their shining beauty.


Crystal Fabric

The sculpture is made out of a special material called “Twill” - our patented “crystal fabric,” which is a sheet composed of thousands of crystal beads woven into a fabric ideal for tailor-made chandeliers. “Each bead is hand-cut and polished for added luster and high light refraction,” says designer Táňa Dvořáková.


Thousands of Crystals

More than 100 000 amber and clear crystals were used and woven into it. The dark amber beads concentrate in the center of the leaves much like the leaves’ veins, providing the whole art piece with life. Then towards the edges they gradually fade out into the clear crystals.


Dynamic Lighting

The leaf stem adds another element of life with its small LEDs which glow from the inside, vibrantly dancing to pre-programmed lighting effects that can be altered based on the time of day or the given event.

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Táňa Dvořáková

I take my inspiration primarily from nature and the world of the Orient, and my work shows characteristics of jewelry-like decors.